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Why Enter the Cannabis Industry Now?

No doubt, for those who love catching the wave prior to it peaking, now is the time to get involved in the cannabis industry. Here’s why:

  • Legal in all 49 states plus Hawaiicannabis industry market
  • Timing – the discovery of the endocannabinoid system is a relatively recent discovery and will have a tremendous impact on the future of healthcare and medicine.
  • Helpful – people need this oil now to assist their bodies in responding optimally to the barrage of health concerns we face daily.
  • The CBD and legal cannabis market is now poised to take-off – last year, legal cannabis sales were at $6.7 Billion. Industry experts believe this market will reach upwards of $35 Billion in the next three years. Several analysts estimate it could eventually reach $150-200 billion every year¹.
  • By 2020 the cannabis industry will surpass the predicted growth of the organic food industry (April 2016).

How to Get Into the Cannabis Industry

  • At this time you can still get involved by finding companies to work with – there are so many options now! I was working with a company called “Prime My Body” but they turned out to have Draconian marketing rules to I gave up on them, but there are many others in the market now!

¹Money Morning Investment

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